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About Us
Welcome to the Home of the Bigger Idea...

We are a full-service marketing communications resource, established in 1989.

Think of us as a complete mall of marketing services, from strategic development of your message... to planning and execution of the finished product.

Many think that a truly effective marketing campaign is nothing more than an illusion.

We believe that effective marketing is not only real, but really very obtainable.

Before I founded Communications Counselors, I learned some valuable lessons in my 17 years on Madison Avenue:

  • In marketing communications, strategy is not just a project in a binder - it is a way of thinking.
  • Creating selling messages without strategy is like trying to nail pudding to the wall.
  • Once everyone agrees on the strategy, then it is time to go for as much attention as possible.
  • Marketers get bored with their own messages long before their prospects do.
  • Creating marketing communications should be a thoroughly enjoyable process.

Now I am miles away from Madison Avenue, yet these lessons have stuck with me. My associates and I apply these principles to our work for every Communications Counselors client:

  • Strategic direction is not difficult... and we make the task painless.
  • The creative process relies on the strategy to focus the search for a Bigger Idea.
  • When your message contains a Bigger Idea, you will want to use it more consistently.
  • Maintaining consistency in your campaign will help your message to be remembered.
  • This whole process should be fun (yes, fun) - for you and for us.

After all, promoting your product or service is your opportunity to proudly tell the world what you have created. If that's not an enjoyable task, then something's wrong.

Steve Cony
Founder / President